Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining your investment property is a top priority with Capital First Real Estate. We make sure that your property is looking its best so that it is achieving its maximum rental return.

We conduct the first inspection three months after your tenant has settled in, and we complete a thorough inspection report, which will outline any maintenance issues that need attention and whether the premises are kept in good order.

The next inspection is completed 3 months after the first inspection and every 3-6 months thereafter. If the Residential Tenancy Agreement has expired during any of these periods, we will recommend a review in rent if it is necessary.

When your tenant signs their Residential Tenancy Agreement, we advise that they are to contact this office, or the Property Manager, at any time for any repairs. We also ask that they put any non-urgent requests in writing. We will then contact you for advice on how to handle the repair. We are more than happy to send our regular trades people to your property, or if you prefer to use someone else, we can arrange so that they can make the repair.

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