Account Management

At Capital First Real Estate we offer two kinds of payment methods from which you can choose from to receive your rental income. The first is by cheque, and the second (which is highly recommended) is by automatic deposit. With automatic deposit, you will receive your funds on the day or next business day that we transfer the funds from our Rental Trust Account into your nominated bank account.

We can pay you fortnightly or monthly. Each payment will be accompanied by a statement which will show how much rent the tenants have paid, where they are paid to, any other income or expenses and what fees you have been charged.

At the end of the financial year you will receive a comprehensive Income and Expenditure Report, which will outline exactly how much income you have received and what expenses you have incurred through out the financial year, whether they be the regular monthly charges or repairs to your investment property.

We can also offer the option of paying many accounts on your behalf, such as: Water Rates, Council Rates, Strata Levies, Land Tax, Insurance premiums, Landlords Protection Insurance and other ongoing maintenance costs. Any accounts that we pay on your behalf will be noted on your monthly statement and copy of the bill will be attached to the statement for your records.

If there are any other services, which you require that we haven’t mentioned so far, simply mention to us what you would like, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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